Rumah Tangga

Newbraska is the land. Rumah Tangga is the home. HairlesssNake Collection is its people and objects.


“Newbraska” is the land, roughly shaped like Kurt’s home state of Nebraska, if it were flipped vertically and rotated 90 degrees. The land here too, is grassy, open, with fertile soil for growing.


Rumah Tangga is the home we are building on this land. In Indonesian language ‘Rumah Tangga’ translates literally as ‘ladder house’, but the term is also used to refer to a household, and this home is both. It is an experimental and collaborative project with Jakarta architect, Eki Yousha. The home’s design was born out of conversations between Eki and Ella Wijt. From those conversations Eki derived a conceptual framework for the home.

HairlessssNake Collection is people – a creative collective with open edges. It is also curated assemblage of found and handmade items. It includes simple toys, drawings, paintings, photographs, field recordings, furniture, signs, sculpture, taxidermy, and cultural artifacts, as well as art created specifically for the collection. Objects are collected and arranged freely, combining old, new, traditional, handmade, and fabricated items from a variety of cultural points of view. We prefer an interwoven arrangement that allows for open story telling and which gives life to each thing in relation to the next. That which may be considered cheap, tacky, or humorous sits right alongside traditional folk objects so that their qualities may highlight one another. We have a strong preference for objects which reveal the maker’s process and material histories, and in this way every object becomes a pathway to the discussion of origins. We consider these to be mythological objects of the sort that continue to live and breathe, whose stories may be told and retold according to context. The more you look, the more you see.